Powers of Attorney

The power of Attorney is one of the essential documents in the lives of people. Fundamental for business yet required with special prudence. After all, whatever its diversity and content may be, it is a matter of authorising someone to act on your behalf. Therefore, and although the examples are infinite, the principal must act with foresight and always be sure of the one to whom he gives the power of attorney and why he authorises the former of this power.

There are both general as well , as Special and Preventive powers of attorney. We emphasize these latter for their great practical usefulness, foreseeing situations of future incapability, of such difficult management in practice and which turn out to be tempered and improved with these types of powers of attorney. In this way, it is already ordained in life and with full faculties the regime of performance of the proxy in case of incapability of the principal, and furthermore the power of attorney is registered in the Civil Registry providing the former with advertising exposure.
Similarly, within the scope of the powers of attorney it is important to remember that they are not only granted for individuals, but also those granted for companies, equally being general or special powers of attorney, which might also be registered in the Trade and Company Registry.