Inheritance Law

The notary's office offers extensive experience in inheritance law, as much within scope of common law as well as in Catalan law, always dealing in such a sensitive matter of going “a little beyond the granting” and to the extent possible obtaining an integral assessment, supplementing pure inheritance law with other civil or fiscal matters.

The examples are infinite in this field, yet they are directed through documents like the Will or the Inheritance Agreement , this latter (being) of great practical use in our sphere to command successions of an irrevocable nature in life by not being a unilateral act like the will, but rather a necessarily bilateral one.

Once death occurs, the Notary’s Affidavit of Determination of Heirs in Intestate Proceedings can be granted , a document that comes to "fulfil" the absence of a will and where the Notary, based on a set of provided proofs, determines the probate appeal of the deceased, whenever it may deal in cases of ancestors, descendants or a spouse (when there are only siblings, the process is legal, although its attribution to notarial powers is in planning).

And once the succession appeal is determined, that is, who the heirs are, the Deed of Distribution of Estate is granted , where the final sharing out of the heredity between the eligible persons is carried out.