Commercial Law

Similarly, the Notary's office offers extensive experience in this so fundamental a scope for the current company as commercial law is. Yet once again the specific circumstances are extensive, due to the fact that it is a permanently adapted right to the corporate reality and the legal and economic purposes .

It Emphasizes the Incorporation of Companies , a field that has undergone substantial changes with the successive legislative reforms. In this way, the incorporation of companies accommodates the companies via Circe and “express” companies“, by teleprocessing, which is a much more rapid procedure and with very limited costs.

Needless to say that all other commercial operations are included such as mergers, spin-offs, appointment and termination of positions, liquidations, commercial powers of attorney, etc.; nevertheless as we have stated, the examples are infinite. We also offer great experience in large operations, refinancing and association and financial restructuring. Furthermore, along the sames lines as adapting ourselves to the commercial reality, we also provide a sharp development in drawing up statutory standards and Agreements between partners and shareholders.