Legislative works

Excess of space and surface modifications

Presentation in Spanish of the notary Ignacio Boisán about the excess of space, its decrease, the mortgage modifications in general,…


The attendance

Conference in spanish of the notary Manuel Ángel Martínez García on attendance, a figure with no direct antecedents in the…


Lecture on executors

Conference in Spanish given by Ignacio Javier Boisán on the spanish figure of the "albacea", similar to the British executor,…


Dispossession of property and nasciturus individuals: Nasciturus, Concepturus (person about to be conceived) and property intended for the former.

This work raises the legal view of dispossession of property carried out on behalf of nasciturus (unborn) individuals, as much…


Land Stewardship. Legal Structuring. Titling and Agreement of parties to register.

Conference given by Ignacio Javier Boisán Cañamero in Tossa de Mar on 26 September 2014